Friday, March 25, 2011

1. The VLAN Management Challenge
- As the number of switches increases on a small- or medium-sized business network, the overalladministration required to manage VLANs and trunksbecomes a challenge.

2. Small Network VLAN Management
- The figure shows a network manager adding a newVLAN, VLAN30.
- The network manager needs to update the threetrunks to allow VLANs 10, 20, 30, and 99.
- Recall that a common error is forgetting to updatethe allowed list of VLANs on trunks.

3. Larger Network VLAN Management
- After you have manually updated this network a fewtimes, you may want to know if there is a way for theswitches to learn what the VLANs and trunks are so thatyou do not have to manually configure them.
- VLAN trunking protocol (VTP).